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The editorial and advertising photographer graduated from the London College of Printing with the Metro Student Bursary and Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award for Photography under his belt, before assisting across visual disciplines and branching out on his own. He cites Philip Lorca-di Corcia (his "Hollywood Hustler" series, in particular), Eva Vermendel, Martina Hoogland-Ivanow, Paolo Roversi and Christian Boltanski as artists who informed his imagery early in his career. 

"Images work for me when they inspire an emotional response or are successful at conveying a mood and atmosphere," Morgan previously told the website Amelia's Magazine, adding, "When I was at college I was really interested in domestic photography, family albums, and the like – I always felt that these images were incredibly powerful because they are loaded with so much meaning, they tie into notions of memory, loss, happiness, sadness, and the passage of time … I think that an image can stand on its own purely by being beautiful as well – ideally one would combine the beauty with an emotional response." He called pictures "a form of language, so it's nice if they say something." 

I've been fortunate, I found a job I love. I've shot for Samsung, British Airways, EY, Vigorsol, Philips, Dove, MedSailors, Yacht Getaways, Wild Kiwi, Axe, The FA, Courier, Next, Gumtree, Weetabix, Virgin Media, Dulux, Dazed and Confused, Box tv and others. I'm available for commissions worldwide. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

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